bitsy 8.0 publishing plan

hey y'all,

I have big news: I'll be publishing bitsy 8.0 - which adds sound and music - tomorrow!

it's a big update, so things will work a little differently from usual - here's the plan:

  • tomorrow I'll publish bitsy v8.0 on, but the and versions of bitsy will temporarily remain on the old version
  • next week I'll publish a patch (v8.1) to fix any major bugs discovered in 8.0 to both and
    • at this point it will also be time to bid a fond farewell to the original version of bitsy, which I'll be taking down (you'll still be able to download any game data you have on, but you won't be able to edit games there anymore - so plan to back up your games accordingly)
  • sometime later this month (or early august) I also plan on releasing a v8.2 to address additional bugs and usability issues that folks discover

a couple other things:

  • now is a good time to download / back up any games you're working on!
    • although I do my best to make sure games from prior bitsy version work with new updates, there's always a chance a bug will break something (even if only temporarily) so it's good to have a back up
  • I'm going to need y'all's help finding bugs in the new version so keep an eye out for info on how to do that <3

it's been a lot of work getting this update ready, and I'm so excited to see what y'all make with it!

- adam


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amazing :))


and it's up! <3


<3 <3

Much excite. I'm glad to see the sfx and music creation tools are sufficiently bitsy-looking (i.e. fun).

thanks - that's what I was going for! <3



wonderful! Looking forward to the update


This is very exciting, Adam!

thanks! <3

Yay! I was just wondering earlier this week when we might expect this update and I'm thrilled that it's so soon!

yay! I'm excited too :D


Omgg!! Sound and music?? :D THAT'S AWESOME!! I can't wait!