bitsy 8.0

it's been a long time in the making, but bitsy 8.0 is finally here!

you can try it out right now at  πŸ’™

(if you find any bugs, please let me know using this form:

this update includes a tune tool that you can use to make background music for your rooms

and the blip-o-matic - which generates sound effects for your sprites & items

there are also a number of other smaller features that I'll leave y'all to discover on your own <3

I'm super excited to see what everyone makes!

- adam

p.s. bitsy 8.0 is not currently on - that's so that people who are still using v7.12 to finish their jam games won't be inconvenienced (there are more details in this post)


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Yaaay! So hyped to mess around with music and blips and blops!! So cool :)

yay!! <3

I have a question about bitsy. will you in the future add a download version of bitsy


I don’t currently have plans to, but have you tried bitsy savior?

I did not know there were a software for that