suggest a #bitsyjam theme for december!

hey folks, it's that time again... the #bitsyjam approaches!

what do you think the theme should be? post your suggestion in the comments below!

also, a bonus question: what's a short game you've played on itch recently that you'd like to recommend? (it doesn't have to be a bitsy game)


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thanks for the suggestions everyone <3

the theme poll is now live!

Would be nice to have a "gift" theme :D


Emotional emphaty


My favorite recently played game:


thanks for the theme suggestion!

Pin, or badge, or pinbadge


an imbalanced exchange


soup :D

+ i played flesh blood and concrete

<3 I love soup!






suggestion: serpent
bonus: this little puzzle game I quite enjoyed:



Fruit Juice

Recently I really loved Bleak by Sweetheart Squad! I've heard great things about Gardens of Vextro as well but I haven't gotten around to it yet :V

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thanks for the theme suggestion emma!!

oooh yeah bleak and gardens of vextro are both already on my to-play list! I def need to make some time for those <3

suggestion: chocolate cake
Im gonna be so real rn this is simply the first thing that came to mind, and I mostly wanted to say it as a joke.
But it'd also be very interesting to see how many people could twist and interpret chocolate cake!!

it's totally ok to post the first thing you think of haha >:)


Suggestion : a game is a gift

And this small game can accompagny you when waiting : Monolith

thank you for the suggestion <3

Monolith looks lovely and contemplative - I'll definitely play it next time I'm waiting for a bus!

I feel like some of the other ones sound really cozy, and I think a cozy theme would fit December well.



'left alone' i feel like could have some really interesting ideas

same with unearthed and forgotten


I really like some of the themes suggested so far, but just to add to the mix….

I suggest: “beneath”

A game I recently played:

I really love the Redlander series! :3


thanks for the theme suggestion! <3

what dana is doing with redlander is super amazing isn't it? :D

Yes! I really love the grid-based motion/action. It’s impressive to me both from a technical standpoint and a design standpoint. I feel like I have a lot to learn from them for my own games :3


suggestion: "fireplace"

bonus: this very cool, very short piece of interactive fiction called "greaser"


oooh I really need to play some of the new domino games haha

for sure.

they do some quality stuff there.

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My suggestion "RPG" :'D

This is my favorite short RPG game.
5 minutes
Shop System
Equip System
Dialogue System
Level Up System
World Map

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PS I made one mini RPG game with Bitsy and "Exit by code Hack" for two days (without Shop-Equip System but with Level Up System and Battles) 2-3 Years ago.
but I still so lazy to translate it on english language and upload it on, sorry ^_^' 


don't be sorry - that's a lot of work! but if you ever *do* upload it, I'd love to play <3


oh yeah this game is super cute! I played it way back when it was published <3

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