✨ bitsy v7.11 is up! ✨

it includes two small bug fixes:

- fix bug where fade transitions alter the palette of the destination room during exit-from-script

- fix bug where textbox overflow stopped working



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Dec 30, 2021


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Its  Days

I  Made My Game In Bitsy

A Thing I Want In My Game Is Music And Custom Menu

How I Do that?

hi, thanks for the questions! bitsy doesn't have those features, however, I think you might be able to achieve your goals with external tools and hacks. I'd recommend checking out bitsy audio and borksy to see if those help you do what you want. good luck! <3

I Dont Wanna Use Hack Im Not Hacker Sr.Adam

let me out of here and makes instead in game maker


Are we getting the "Install to Chrome" option back anytime soon? I adored that! :'o (Tho I know you had issues with it, I'm so sorry!)

Also do you have a Kofi where we can tip you and such? c: I love your tools so much


<3 thank you - I'm so glad you like my tools!

I don't have a kofi, however, if you like you can tip me through one of my PWYW tools like bitsybox

thanks for the question too! I don't currently have a plan of when I'll add back the "install to chrome" option. I'd like to do it at some point, but first I need to have some free time to dedicate to learning more about how to make it working properly

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