This was the first bitsy game I made. At the time I was trying to make a narrative game but I was getting stuck on all the details of gameplay and visuals. I wanted something that was just about making a place you could be in with people you could talk to, and I ended up making bitsy. At first there was no user interface, just a text file you could edit to change the room and sprite data. In fact, I did that on purpose so I could edit it on my phone's note app on the bus. So these first 3 games I made were mostly tapped out on my phone's keyboard! Maybe that's why they're so tiny. 

This was one of the first three games made while I was developing bitsy (a free game making tool). They are:

AuthorAdam Le Doux
Made withBitsy


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Wow, Bitsy history here!

aw this is cool! i really love the cat :P