fixed macOS build + experimental linux build

fix for macOS build

if you tried the macOS build of bitsybox yesterday, you probably noticed it didn't work! instead of loading the game select menu, it just got stuck on an empty blue screen :'(

if you download the latest version, this should be fixed! you'll see there is still a games folder, but now it's a shortcut instead of a normal folder (there should be an arrow on the folder icon to indicate this). for more details about why this fixes things, read on! :)

it turned out the reason this is needed is because on newer versions of macOS, the operating system by default limits which files a program can read or edit. unfortunately this meant the normal games folder next to the app was off-limits, stopping any games from loading. to solve this, I ended up putting the games folder in the mac version of bitsybox inside the application bundle, which is a location the OS allows the program to read from.

to make it easier to open the games folder inside the bundle (so you can add and remove games), I included an alias/shortcut called "games" in the .zip folder with bitsybox. double-click on that and it will take you to the correct location to install your games! :)

(btw, if you're curious about where the games really are in the app, you can find them by right-clicking and selecting "show package contents". then navigate from there to "Contents/Resources/games"!)

new linux build

you may have also noticed there's now a general linux build (in addition to the raspberry pi build)! this was put together by max (who you may know as the creator of pixsy, among other great tools and games) -- go check out their itch page to see more of their work :) note that the linux build is still experimental, so it may not work on all systems. if you give it a try, let us know how it goes in the comments!

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