v8.12 - bugfixes, docs, update to blip tool

it's time for another bitsy update! <3

in this version the blip tool gets a re-generate button courtesy of @nashalexander (so you don't have to create a whole new blip each time!), as well as some changes to the blip tool's layout, new docs about creating locked exits by @vaasut, docs for the tune and blip tools, a fix for a bug that was breaking games which used rooms generated by pixsy, and various other bugfixes and improvements

here's the full list of changes:

  • docs: add locked door guide (@vaasut)
  • docs: add tune tool documentation
  • docs: add blip tool documentation
  • feature: blip tool: add re-generate button (@nashalexander)
  • feature: blip tool: tweaks to menu layout & tool name
  • feature: room tool: grid & wall visibility settings are saved
  • feature: dialog tool: "none" option for exit transitions from dialog
  • fix: fixed memory leak when editing rooms with large numbers of unique tiles (such as those exported by pixsy)
  • fix: game data text wasn't updating with edits from other tools
  • fix: added missing docs link to game tool
  • fix: copying drawings no longer loses animation frames
  • fix: reset game doesn't break title text
  • fix: game & dialog tools were opening at unexpected times


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Version 8.12.0 27 days ago


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The re-generate button in blip tool its a great addition!

glad you like it! <3