suggest a #bitsyjam theme for december!

hey y’all, sorry I wasn’t able to organize a jam in november - life just got the better of me last month

but hey, new month, new jam! this time i’m getting started early >:D

so, what do you think the jam theme should be for december? let me know in the comments!


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thanks for the great suggestions y'all!

the poll is open now:


“Secret place”

that could be fun!



i see what you did there (but actually it's not a bad theme idea)


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i feel this might be a bit vague and really open to interpretation but "human intuition"!


open to interpretation is a good thing imo!

cyberpunk Christmas or never-ending December :D

there's some cross over with "never-ending december" and some of the other suggestions: "long december" and "the long dark"

you might say there's a theme to these themes! ;)





"home", "decorating", "cold", "the long dark."? 

these are all great ones! <3


what about "nostalgia"?

fun idea!

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I liked your last piece a lot. So how about...

"single room"

some other ideas: stream of consciousness; no dialogue


this was actually already a bitsy jam theme way back in 2019 ( but it was really fun - I wouldn't mind doing a sequel! :D


maybe too on the nose, but "a long december." something that always hits me in the feelings

yeah I certainly feel that too!



mmm cozy - thanks for the suggestion <3


hmmm... what about "endings and beginnings"?

ooooh nice one! <3