BITSY FEST (bitsy x museum of screens)

hey folks, I'm excited to share that next month, for bitsy's 7th anniversary, the museum of screens will be hosting BITSY FEST! there will be a jam and a virtual exhibit of new and classic bitsy games! I hope you'll join us <3

more info is on their site:


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very cool!! idk if i'll participate myself but super excite what everyone makes <3


Can we use Bitsy-likes (Bipsi, Mosi, etc.) to participate in the Jam? Or Vanilla Bitsy only?

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that's a good question! I'm assuming you can, but I will double check and let you know :)


Thanks Adam! I wanna participate either way, but your answer will probably greatly influence what I end up doing & how I approach it!!

Bitsy-likes are fine to be used! :)


thanks for following up on this Alicia! <3

sounds like you're good to go! :D


can't wait to join the jam!


<3 yay!