v8.6 - Ukrainian translation & more!

bitsy v8.6  is up and there are several changes I'm excited about! :D

here are some highlights:

#1: the biggest addition is a Ukrainian translation by leonid.codes

to use the editor in Ukrainian follow these steps:

  • navigate to the "settings" tool
  • click the dropdown next to "language"
  • scroll down to the last option (Ukrainian) and select it!

translations of bitsy are only possible because of the volunteer efforts of folks like leonid.codes: if you would like to contribute a bitsy editor translation (or make edits/improvements to an existing one), contact me via the email address on my homepage and I'll help you get started! <3

#2: bitsy now has a nice looking icon when you use "add to home screen" on iOS safari

did you know you can install bitsy on iOS and android?

both operating systems have an "add to homescreen" feature in their web browsers that lets you install a website as though it were an app. this makes it easy to launch bitsy quickly and makes it fullscreen - which imo can be very helpful when making a game on a small phone screen. :)

if you haven't done this before here are guides for both systems:

anyway, this has been possible for a while but I'd neglected to give the iOS version an icon - so now that's fixed! >:D

#3: added more tutorials to the documentation

as part of this change I added some tutorials that folks shared in the forum to the suggested tutorials page

hey - did you know that bitsy has a documentation website for learning about the engine and tools?

and also - did you know anyone can submit edits to the documentation?? it's true! simply scroll to the bottom of any documentation page and click "edit this page" to get started!

...and more!

here's the full version notes for v8.6:

  • localization: added Ukrainian translation by leonid.codes
  • feature: add apple touch icon for iOS safari
  • fix: fix bug where {exit} undid the "locked" property state
  • fix: fix bug where clicking on paint canvas undid drawing name changes
  • docs: updated the tutorials page to include new tutorials on bitsy dialogs, the bitsy museum hack, and a bitsy handout for beginners!
  • docs: update bitsy system API documentation to v0.2


if you find a bug while using bitsy, please submit an issue on github! it can take me a while, but I do read them all <3


bitsy-win-linux-mac-stable.zip Play in browser
Version 8.6.0 Jul 05, 2023


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Uh-oh! Seems whatever changes were made to exits may be causing the current exit bug (not sure if anyone reported it on github yet). Exits are currently not "sticking" and are defaulting to a different coordinate for myself and some others.

Thank you for the other bug fixes!! <3<3<3