suggest a #bitsyjam theme for may!

hey folks - it's time to jam!

what do you think this month's theme should be? post your suggestion in the comments below!

bonus question: what's something new you want to try with your next game? (could be: a setting idea, a tool you want to use, a vibe, etc.)


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thanks for the suggestions everyone!

the poll is now live, so cast ur votes:


Being heavily influenced seeing flowers blooming around me, it would be awesome to have a theme like "blooming" or "flowers" :3

🌸 ✨


Awesome animals and kind games. And just be kind.Summer, animal...



Dystopian Summer or a minimal theme without text. Some art game.

thanks for the suggestions!



thx! :)


bubblegum or gum!

fun! :)


I'll throw a few out there this time around:

net cafe; techno-horror; finality



I like it when the themes are strange phrases, so I'm going to go for: 'Close the Window.'

ooooh intriguing!!


Theme suggestion: Turning


(1 edit) (+1)(-1)

Theme suggestion: tiny

I Dont even have anything in mind lol! Just sounds neat! 




Theme suggestion: tidepool



Theme suggestions: mouse

Reason; i like mice. They're cute and small.

good reason


Theme suggestion: mess

I want to start putting sound in my games, or at least TRY messing with the sound a little. I just haven't felt like I've had time to dive into it before.

thanks for the suggestion!

if you end up trying out the bitsy sound tools lemme know how it goes :D