suggest a #bitsyjam theme for march!

WARNING: a #bitsyjam approaches!!!

what do you think this month's theme should be? post your suggestion in the comments below!

bonus question: have you read anything good recently? (it doesn't have to be directly about making games!)


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thanks for the suggestions everyone!

the poll is open now:

I'll select the winner tomorrow evening :)

Themes: preservation, fizz, fermentation, bottling


theme: food!

food, cooking, travel

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Themes: lifesaver, trains, trip

Theme: Easter



Agreed with graymeditations: Low-effort; Constrained

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I have suggested this before, but I think a bitsy jam where the theme is something along the lines of "low-effort" or creating a jam where there's a tight window for creation (a few hours) could be interesting.

So, ideas:  low-effort; lame; pointless; beat-poetry


I do like the "low effort" idea a lot!

with spring approaching, my theme suggestion is growth!

Theme(s): Dragons,Mathematical,Altitude.

Article: scp-1762(Here were dragons)

sparkling water :)

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Corruption (political, body, soul, mind, mutation, system, structure, program)

PS The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy


Douglas Adams - good choice!

suggestion:leap Bonus answer:mammoth, it's a book that's sorta cofusing to read due to lack of quotaion marks but is still really interesting, basically it's just a series of conversation between a dead mamoth in a musem and other no longer living atractions. really funny and also thought provoking.


sounds like an interesting book!


theme suggestion: steampunk!


my suggestion is: bad weather


my theme suggestion: translation

bonus answer: I liked this post about making small games ->