suggest a #bitsyjam theme for february!

another month, another #bitsyjam! <3

what do you think this month's theme should be? post your suggestion in the comments below!

and here's a bonus question: what outside of games do you take inspiration from when making games?


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thanks for the great suggestions!

the theme poll is live now:


Theme suggestion: dance

Bonus answer:music and tv shows, whenever i watch a tv show or listen to music with a certain vibe, it makes me wish i could capture that feeling and put it in my game. Often this come down to music and/or lighting giving the feeling of either a melancholy or hopeful situation, either way i want to make the player actually feel and emotion.


lighting is so powerful! gotta love that mise en scene - super useful think to think about when making games


Theme suggestion: Social Gathering

Bonus answer: Geocaching. It's a game where people hide a container and then post the coordinates for other people to find and sign the log inside. Geocaches are generally meant to be placed at interesting places so you end up discovering places you never would have visited otherwise, and often they're hidden in creative ways so that is a whole other game unto itself.

I've only ever gone geocaching once but I can definitely see the appeal!

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Theme suggestion: chain reaction

Bonus answer: comics! Scott McCloud's Understanding Comics series was a huge influence on me as a kid, and I think a lot of lessons for comics also work for games.

ah yeah, good one! understanding comics was a big influence on me too :) I think about its concept of "closure" a ton when making games


Theme: Spicy

Bonus: Nature (A pretty broad topic, but it can inform the setting & environments, character designs, even narratives and quest goals. I've always liked games set in the outdoors or  in places dominated by the wilderness rather than inside metropolises, castles, space stations etc.)

I often am recreating places I've been in my games so I definitely relate to that :)

my theme suggestion: doldrums

my bonus answer: music! I often get ideas for moods and images I want to use in my games from listening to music. (lately I've been listening to a lot of expert in a dying field by the beths since we have a record of it and our toddler really likes the fish on the album cover lol...)