bitsy documentation - coming soon!

hey folks,

hope everyone is having a good weekend (and possibly spending a little time making a game for the pollinators #bitsyjam??)

I've got a new bitsy feature to announce - documentation!

for the last little while I've been collaborating with Claire Morwood (you may have read her excellent bitsy tutorial) and Sean LeBlanc (who maintains the indispensable bitsy hacks repository) on built-in documentation for bitsy, including:

  • documentation (with illustrations!) for the main bitsy editor tools such as the paint tool, room tool, etc
  • with its own website that anyone can contribute to (via github)
  • and a documentation viewer tool in the bitsy editor itself!

I'm very excited about this project: it's something I've wanted to do for a long time, but it was always too daunting to do alone, so I just want give a huge thanks to Claire and Sean for working with me on making this a reality!

right now it looks like we're on track to release the initial version around the end of September, so keep an eye out for updates then :)

- adam


the room tool's about page on the docs website

the same page in the bitsy editor


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this is so exciting!

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thanks miniwoolf!! I'm excited too :D

This sounds fantastic! Can't wait :D

thanks Albertine!! I'm super excited about it :)