bitsy 8.2 is up <3

this is mostly  some smaller bug fixes (you can read the full changelog is on github), but there are a couple of larger updates related to localization:

  • @ayolland fixed the default font so that the character codes correctly match UTF8 standards - the upshot of which is that letters like accented Is (í) render correctly <3
  • and @__rumpel added a bunch of missing Spanish translations!

...and I finally cleaned up the github issues page!

if you've ever visited the github issues page for bitsy you know that it has been a bit of a mess these past few years

honestly for a long time I've just been too overwhelmed to keep up with it properly

however,  thanks to some very generous help from @seansleblanc it's now cleaned up and organized for the first time in a long time! (perhaps.. ever?)

going forward I plan on keeping up with it more actively: I think I can reasonably read through and categorize new issues once a month (probably around when I organize the monthly #bitsyjam)

so if you find a bug or usability problem, please don't hesitate to write up an issue <3

- adam


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Version 8.2 Aug 20, 2022

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