in this version Sean added the ability to resize all tool cards, and there are several bug fixes by Sean and equa - thank you both!

version notes


- allow editor panels to be resized (@seansleblanc)

- fix: alt-clicking items not selecting them (@seansleblanc)

- fix: rainbow text effect letters not showing up when dialog completed early (@seansleblanc)

- fix: room preview not updating when changing current palette (@seansleblanc)

- fix: remove empty path to fix invalid svg (@seansleblanc)

- fix: exported games breaking due to CRLF in template (equa)

- fix: replace various hard-coded constants with appropriate variables (@seansleblanc)

reporting bugs and issues

if you have a bug, issue, or suggestion for bitsy, and you're not sure where the best place to post that is - currently the easiest place for me to keep track of those things is on bitsy's github issue page. :) it's gotten a little disorganized, but I'm planning on going through and cleaning it up soon. thanks to everyone who has found and reported bugs! it's super helpful <3


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Jan 29, 2022


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Hi! I made a Bitsy tutorial in Galician Language. I don´t know exactly if it is of interest, but... Is in my Drive: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ZdKNS7Dqb8ZXWcOyOfFEgTqwM7D_4LLE0ZuC3qYWCqA/...

cool - that looks really useful :D

you might want to see if you can add it to the bitsy wiki! https://bitsy.fandom.com/wiki/Tutorials

(you might have to request access to edit it; I'm not sure what the process is, since it's run by other people)