hey folks, I just updated bitsy to v7.9! (here on itch.io, at https://make.bitsy.org, and the ledoux.io version)

this update is mostly bug fixes + some refactoring

here's the full list of changes:

- improve exit tool layout (when all menus open)

- more robust transitions between different length palettes

- fix bug where thumbnails don't update on add / delete

- fix bug where gif recorder is disabled in play mode

- fix bug where updates are not installed

        - had to turn off service worker temporarily

- refactor to make porting easier

issues with service workers :(

I was excited to add service workers to the bitsy.org version of the editor, since I liked the idea that folks could install a desktop version of site using chrome's install feature or similar ones on the mobile browsers for iOS and android. however, I've had some trouble getting the APIs to work how I want them to, and ended up putting the editor in a situation where new versions of bitsy wouldn't get loaded, which was causing all sorts of problems. I think I've successfully removed the service worker now, so you should see updates at bitsy.org again - but if it seems like you're still stuck on an old version (you can check the "about" tool), please let me know! :)

what's all this about refactoring? porting? please tell me more!

ok, since you ask! :)

the short version is I'm working on a bitsy emulator (for lack of a better term) for desktop systems (starting with mac and windows) that will be able to play ".bitsy" game data files without a web browser. I'm really excited about this project, but it's still in its early stages! that said, it probably won't be too long before I'm ready to publish an initial (beta? alpha? pre-alpha? pre-pre-alpha???) version - so keep an eye out for that

anyway, this emulator (which I've been calling "Bitsy Box") runs the same javascript source code as the web version of the engine, but because it doesn't have access to all the same APIs as a browser, it's required some refactoring. I'll write more about the details and my motivation for this project when I release the initial version :)

example of a game running in Bitsy Box on my 2011 macbook:


bitsy.zip Play in browser
Sep 06, 2021


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excited about the emulator idea. waiting for the source files to port it to my gadget www.espboy.com so that there is a convenient way for everyone to play Bitsy games on a portable console ) @adamledoux, what do you think, could i send ESPboy2 for you for free with the hope, that someday, we can run Bitsy the emulator on it )

hi! I'm glad you're excited about the emulator :) espboy looks pretty neat! I'm currently focused on getting bitsy box working for desktop platforms, but I *am* planning on releasing the source code -- if you want to chat in detail about what porting would entail, feel free to email me (you can find my email address on my website: http://ledoux.io/)


How about make Bitsy box a wrapper for a Bitsy game? In other words, have an application that imports a bitsy game, and creates a clickable app with the game embedded. Then port this to iOS and Android. Suddenly, hundreds of new games on Apple's App store or Google play made by Bitsy creators.

thanks for the suggestion! that would be really cool, but I think making an executable packaging system is a bit beyond the scope of what I want to take on with this right now :) that said, I plan on releasing the source code, and adapting it to that purpose may be do-able!


Bitsy Box actually sounds pretty cool, I was thinking there could be a folder that you put your files in, then you can load them from the Bitsy Box in an interface similar to the Pix64 loader.

Also I think it would be neat to have a raspberry pi version of Bitsy Box.

I love what you're doing with this, thanks!

thanks for the suggestions! pix64 looks super neat - I hadn't seen it before :) I am planning on having some kind of game loading interface like that, so it's helpful to have another example like that!

I'm also interested in getting a raspberry pi version working if I can :)