v7.7 (+ tell me about bitsy bugs! <3)

hey folks, just a small update this time!

I fixed a couple of bugs from recent updates:

  • a bug where sometimes an extra frame is added to sprite animations
  • a bug where sometimes you can't upload a game from an HTML file

also there's a new, and (hopefully) useful little feature! you can now use URL parameters to load bitsy with a specific language - that way if you want to share bitsy in a language other than english, you can!

here are some examples:

a few notes about this feature:

  • the language abbreviations come from the ISO language codes: https://www.loc.gov/standards/iso639-2/php/English_list.php
  • I think this feature will not work on itch.io because of how itch uses iframes to display web apps like bitsy
  • once someone opens bitsy using a language link, bitsy will remember to default to that language (until they change it vai bitsy's settings)

and while you're here - I need your help finding bugs!

I've made a few updates recently to bitsy and I suspect (ok, know) there are bugs that have crept in. if you've seen something recently that seems broken, odd, or just bothers you, please let me know in the comments! (one specific thing to watch out for: I recently added a service worker to bitsy to enable offline downloading, but that can cause bugs in updating a webpage - if you're having trouble getting bitsy to update to 7.7, please give a shout!)


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Aug 09, 2021

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