7.4 notes + thoughts on what's next

Hey y'all,

I updated Bitsy to version 7.4 the other day! (I just haven't got around to posting a blog post about it until now.)

✨ Update 7.4  ✨

Here's a list of the changes:

  • new find tool!
  • @seansleblanc contributed improved stability of persistent data storage
  • bugfix: duplicating dialog fixed
  • bugfix: duplicating palettes fixed
  • bugfix: stop dialog tool from always opening at start

The most visible change is the new find tool, which now lets you search for rooms, color palettes, and dialog, in addition to sprites, tiles, etc.

And here's a GIF of it in action!

This is a totally re-written version of the tool, so there are likely some bugs and usability issues! If you see anything you think is broken or could be improved, please let me know in the comments below.  💙 ✨

✨ What's next for Bitsy?  ✨

So you may have noticed I'm back to making updates to Bitsy after a bit of a hiatus! There's this latest update, and the week before there was one with a few smaller tweaks and fixes. I definitely won't be updating Bitsy weekly, and I don't think I can promise any specific schedule, but I am planning / hoping to make them more often than I have been. You can also expect the updates to generally be on the scale of these last two. All in all, this is a bit of a change from how I've worked on Bitsy in the recent past, when I tended to release roughly one or two fairly big updates a year. There are a couple of main reasons for the change in approach: 1) you may know I had a baby recently, so this kind of development fits more easily into my life right now, and 2) I'm hoping more frequent, smaller changes will make it easier for me to adjust to feedback as I go.  ☺️

So that's the plan! (At least for now!)

I expect I'll do a follow up update relatively soon to fix whatever bugs folks find in the new find tool. After that, I'm hoping to improve Bitsy's mobile layout, so it's easier to use on phones. After that, I'm not entirely sure! 😅


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Jun 20, 2021


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oh yes! this will make it MUCH easier to find text, and navigate the rooms better!


Hi, Adam! I know It could probably be tiresome for you, but could you please write down an up-to date Bitsy Manual, or at least update the tutorial?

Thanks a lot for this wonderful tool that makes our dreams come games!

thanks for the feedback! I would like to come up with a sustainable way for me to maintain up-to-date documentation, but it's still something I'm working on. :) in the meantime, your best bet is to look at the bitsy wiki or similar community resources

Thank you, Adam!


hooray! i'm excited to try out that find feature




Amazing feature! Truly a quality of life improvement.

I've been encountering an issue where the preview of a sprite (or tile or item) won't show up in the new find tool, it only shows the default icon, until I close and reopen the tab-- then it all works perfectly! Happens with new games as well as in-progress games I upload.

thanks for the bug report! do you mind if I ask a couple of questions to get more detail? when you say you have to close and reopen the tab, do you mean the find tool in bitsy or the whole browser tab? also could you tell me what browser you're using? thanks again! :)

The whole browser tab! I'm using Chrome.