2022, no. 2

A mini space sim made with bitsy for the loops #bitsyjam

Fly the loop with Twig, pilot of the star tug "Odds And Ends", as they ferry cargo from world to world.

Updated 8 days ago
Published 11 days ago
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorAdam Le Doux
GenreRole Playing, Adventure
Made withBitsy
Tags2D, Bitsy, Space Sim


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AAA THIS IS AWESOME!! Omg I love the lil choice menu!! <33 And the art/writing is so good, I love it!

<3 <3 aww thanks!!

Frog man is sus

they just need a lift!


The writing on this is excellent.

thanks! :)


Great job!



Really incredible, I love the simple gamey element of ferrying cargo to help each planet! And like other folks have said, the Odd And Ends is so cozy!


thank you!! <3


Cutest little space sim I've ever played! 


<3 <3 <3


This is awesome! Really love the worldbuilding we get in all those little interactions. 

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thanks! I had fun working that stuff in :D


i loved this! the ship felt very homey staying the same even as you travelled across space

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thanks npckc!! I'm glad that came through for you :)


This is beautiful and whisked me away to another place. Reminds me of On a Sunbeam which I read recently.

<3 thank you James!! I’m a huge fan of Tillie Walden so that’s very high praise :D

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omg its wonderful! Thanks for inspiration. The soundtrack is awesome! How'd you make that choice menu with stay, pick and drop actions?

thank you!! the choice menu is a room with different exits for each choice :)


love the little astronaut guy so much! & i like the switched interface between flying the ship & moving around the ship

<3 <3 <3 thanks for playing!