2021, no. 2

Published 9 days ago
AuthorAdam Le Doux
Made withBitsy


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I loved it. One of the most touching Bitsy's I've played so far. Thanks for the good work.

This was really beautiful.. I recently left my job to do some indie projects. I don't know if I'll be successful or if I did the right thing, but I feel happy doing what I like (for now).

#5 hit me really hard. This is a great game!


This is such a wonderful and heartfelt game! I totally loved hearing the story behind the creation of Bitsy :)

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so good!! have you thought of making the kid games now, even in bitsy! love the origin of it btw!! short lines, well written ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


I like it


a game full of relatable feels!!! this was very sweet and heartfelt :3

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I don't understand the cat thing, I followed it's movement instructions but nothing happened

nice art, btw

try again?

no, I mean that I don't know what to do


ah. the cat gives you directions to take once you enter the forest. walk through through in that pattern after the first forest screen

Oh- go back to the fork in the road and head north, those instructions are to get you through the forest maze!