2020, no. 1

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Authoradam le doux
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withbitsy


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I love that you talk that while you talk about considering each step, the footsteps make each step feel meaningful to the player. I also like how walking in older footsteps doesn't trigger new dialogue - reminds me of trying to walk in my old footsteps, so to not disturb the snow.

<3 thanks!


love the vibe of this game so much! god i love your art so much <3


<3 <3 <3 thank you onion! that means a lot coming from you <3


How do you do that? How do you do that in each step a footstep prints on the snow? Also, the final is random depending on where you walk. I have a lot of curiosity about how do you do it. Do you need to know how to programm to do it?

Sorry if my english is not that good :(

not a problem at all - your comment made sense. it just takes me a while to read comments, that's all - sorry!

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hi - that's a great question!

I did the footstep path by creating a background layer of footprint tiles, then covering it with a bunch of blank items. then each time you pick up the item, it uncovers the footprint tile beneath it.

for the random ending, I used the dialog of the item. it has a certain number of text options in a sequence, and the last one includes an exit-from-script command. so no special programming required outside of using bitsy's dialog tools.

Thanks for replying and the information! Have a great day! And happy new year <)!

you too! 


'Bitsy' community is intriguing. It seems to pioneer a genuine genre: the digital poetry.

God I love these little games, thank you so much Adam.

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thank you!! that's really nice to hear :)