~*~ STORY ~*~

MOSS is a mender on the seventh moon of Bear, where she repairs machinery and electronics for her neighbors.

One sunny afternoon, she's awoken from a nap to learn that the MOONHEART is broken! Without it, no messages can be sent off-moon. And what's worse, tonight is the night of the lunar alignment...

Walk, jump, climb, and glide through this platformer adventure as Moss works to mend the Moonheart. Along the way, you'll meet the other inhabitants of Moss's home moon... and perhaps find some secrets too.

~*~ WEBSITE ~*~

>> https://with-the-last-moonbeam.neocities.org/ <<

Visit WITH THE LAST MOONBEAM's website for the TRAILER and other EXTRAS.



* Walk around.

* Select dialogue options.

* Climb cliffs and walls.

* Talk to people, pick up items, and advance dialogue.

* Jump!

* On the ground, GUIDE mode points you to your goal.

* In the air, GLIDING mode lets you float through the sky.

* While sitting, RETURN back to the last BENCH you sat on.

* Sit anywhere when you're tired to fill your HEART.

* Sit on a BENCH to SAVE your progress.

* Press R again to stand.

* Pause or resume the game.


To play, download the ROM and use with a GBA compatible system or emulator, such as mGBA.

For offline play, I recommend using mGBA, since that's the emulator I've tested. Others should work, but saving in particular is not guaranteed to work with other emulators, so you may wish to use save states.

You can also play in your browser using the web player on this page, which is powered by webretro. Keep in mind that webretro uses cookies to store save data, so you must enable cookies in your browser to use it.

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(24 total ratings)
Authoradam le doux
GenrePlatformer, Adventure
TagsGame Boy Advance, knyttlike, Narrative


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Really enjoyed the game so went ahead to do a quick run of it. Thanks for making an interesting little game, 

This game is amazing! Poignant but cheerful. MGBA is a pretty terrible software though, it reloaded me to a save from a few hours back. But it shows how good this game is that i played through those hours to reach the end!

thanks for playing! sorry to hear mGBA bugged out on you :(

I love the game! Unfortunately I'm having trouble with some of the buttons not always triggering the thing they're supposed to do. I'm playing on a gba with original buttons and haven't had this issue with any other games. The issue is mainly with the shoulder buttons. Any ideas?

thanks! <3

hmm I'm not sure about the button issue - it seems to work ok on my GBA. I don't have time to investigate right now, but I'll make a note to take a look at some point. thanks for taking the time to report the bug!

Im not crying you are.. T-T


what program did you use to make this?

I used quite a few! I wrote up an in-depth post about how I made the game over on my blog: https://adamledoux.net/blog/posts/2023-05-31-Notes-On-With-The-Last-Moonbeam.htm...

hope you find it interesting, and thank you for playing! <3

Hi! We played your game on stream and really enjoyed it!


ahhhh that's so awesome! thank you <3 <3 <3


I made a short trailer for the game! <3

and there's a web page as well - I plan to add extras to it over time as I have material: https://adamledoux.net/games/moonbeam/

do I need a controller to play this game? Having some trouble with it


are you playing in the browser? you should only need a keyboard

My bad! Just found the controls, playing now :)


no problem at all - have fun! <3


The story is a bit sad but very nice and I had a great feeling after reading it.

I especially like the ending scene!



This was really nice. Really love the combination of the gba homebrew texture with bitsy-style art, all in service of exploring a very pretty world and a lovely story. I'm glad you took up gba homebrewing and that you were able to make and share such a cool thing!


thank you so much - and thanks for playing! <3


In any artform, when drawing on outdated themes and limitations, it's always exciting when someone goes back and adds something modern to it. This is one of those games.

Ledoux clearly understands what makes GBA-era games as legendary as they are. Expressive art style, entrancing cutscenes, not to mention the masterfully paced story. Ecstatic to see what Ledoux comes up with next!!

glad you enjoyed the game! :)


This game is really fun. Playing on Analogue Pocket, need to figure out how to make it do native cart saves but I'll probably try it on an everdrive. Love the look

thanks! :)


I just started playing today but I love it so far! The dialog and world building are really well done. Looking forward to seeing what else you make!

thanks! :)

lovely game, thanks for sharing it!

thank you! it's a fun to see it on the SP <3


absolutely gorgeous...! i love it all but especially all the little things like how you hold to say dialogue. i'd love to read a more in-depth devlog about how you put this all together! (photo of it on analogue pocket!)

thank you! it’s very nice to have those little details appreciated :)

I do plan on writing a postmortem at some point on my blog, and I’ll post a link to it here too <3

(the game looks really nice on the pocket - thanks for sharing the photo!)


lovely writing!! i think i’m missing a deer somewhere, but aren’t we all


<3 thank you!!

…I can’t spill the beans on the deer though ;)