2022, no. 4

made for my games now! talk on november 14th 2022

Published 8 days ago
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Extremely good energy. Thanks so much for giving so many people a great tool to express themselves with bitsy, and thanks for encouraging folks to be recklessly creative.


i love weird game engines so much and i absolutely love using them i agree with everything you're saying



also just realised your the one who made my favorite game engine so i thank you

Great stuff! This manifesto resonated for me with anna anthropy's introduction to "Rise of the Videogame Zinisters", which I love. We need more weird games and more weird game engines!

P.S.: really interested in the talk you gave! But unfortunately, the link is deprecated. Is there a YouTube video or something where I can watch it?

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<3 thank you valeriy! I love that book :)

the link worked yesterday, but I see it's dead now - there must be a time limit on twitch or something :(

I know it should be on youtube eventually (link here: https://gamesnow.aalto.fi/channels/) but it's not up yet - I've reached out to the event organizers to ask when it will be available and I'll update here when it's uploaded :)

I was there! What a good talk.

thank you!! I'm glad you enjoyed it <3

Shoutout to Blitz3D

blitz basic was my first programming language!


Completely agree.




yes! weird game engines




I really like this! Thank you for sharing this.

After all, there is beauty in personal creation, may it be a game or a game engine - and if a personal creation is weird, then so be it. It can be just as valuable as creations that have a more serious approach.

Make more weird game engines, make more weird games. Create weird things with weird tools. Create weirdness. Spread weirdness! Hell yeag.


ty Alicia!! hooray for weird things :D


they also call it a medium! i don't know why people don't talk about engines as much as games, and maybe they do but without it materializing in the same way?

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medium is interesting, everything can be in a medium and as a medium and representable in any other medium. all very gradient together, yes! everyone must know


there’s definitely stuff out there on this topic! (tho yeah probably not as plentiful as game design material)

I think this project by pippin barr is really cool: https://pippinbarr.com/the-nothings-suite/

and I often return to this excellent talk by em reed: https://emreed.net/GameArtEngines_Transcript.html


thank you for weird game engines!


<3 <3 <3


B I T S Y  I S  P U N K



This is quite a hard game to understand. I thought you were apose to go to the blocks until it’s all over. But i still don’t really understand the game.