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Authoradam le doux
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Today I learned that apparently baby formula theft exists and apparently it necessitates locking away baby formula, of all things, in a locked cabinet under surveillance. Also had no clue baby formula was so expensive. It really seems like one of the most harmless things a person could steal. The guard with a gun makes it even worse.


This was really well-done, thank you. Love these games that capture a super-specific moment and feeling.


This game captured perfectly the strange feeling of being alone in a store early morning with overworked staff waiting for the last minutes of their night shift. Nice sketch!


thank you Valeriy!! that means a lot to hear <3


Loved it! Though you probably should have had to tackle another customer for the last can of formula...

I would probably flee if that seemed likely to be necessary lol

very relatable lol, and reminded me that I needed to go to the store. 

haha >:)


this is exactly what it needs to be: simple & imagistic.

hope all is well.


thank you so much - I'm glad the imagery was effective for you! (and I am doing well, thanks for asking <3)


oh yeah.. this is good. thx for the reminder that effective art can be simplistic

glad you enjoyed it!