2020, no. 6

AuthorAdam Le Doux
Made withBitsy


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how did you make the snake?!?!?!?

very nice game tho

Great snake game.

Thanks for the game!

As I was playing it, the only question that I was asking myself was: "How the hell did he do this?". So you can make action game in Bitsy now, which is awesome.

omg nice! i got an impossible to not die leaf on a playthru but its just so cute i will forgive the injustice!

This is really awesome and love the colors! I was just playing the original snake game the other day.

I found a bug! (It's a huge caterpillar who just cannot get enough to eat!)

This is really cool, I'm excited for v8 to come out!!


What is going on here?! You can do a Snake game in Bitsy-8? How is that possible? Coding custom javascript in Bitsy? How long will we have to wait for using it ourselves? CANNOT SLEEP ANYMORE


yup it's bitsy 8! :D there is a beta going on in the bitsy discord if you'd like to join and help find bugs ;)


ah nice


Nice Bitsy you have here!

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Ooooh. :-O Great to see Bitsy used in this way. Looking forward to trying it out in a future release. :)

<3 thanks ash!