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Did a small demo on how to use Bitsy for my college's Game Design club - everyone really liked it! Excited to see more!

that's awesome! :D



Please use stripe or Payoneer since it doesn’t use PayPal’s API. I then can use my credit card/Debit card.

thanks for letting me know! I've set up stripe, so hopefully that works for you :) let me know how it goes


i just love the idea of putting my favorite bitsy games into a little extractable and then passing that around to people like a mixtape

<3 I love that idea a lot!! if you do it I'd love to hear how it goes :D


wow nice


thanks! :)


awesome! An Android version would be amazing!


thanks for the suggestion y'all! I don't think it's something I'd have time to do soon, but I'll keep it in mind for the future :)

no problem

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This is wonderful! Gamepad support! However, when I run it on my Mac I just get a blue screen. What am I missing?

oh no! :( this looks like a bug to me -- let me see if I can fix it!

this issue should be fixed now! :) try re-downloading the mac version and let me know if it works for you <3






AAAAAA it's finally here!! :D Awesome!! Playing around with it right now and it works great!! I love the fullscreen mode!!


yay!! awesome! that's great to hear :D

Also hey! Did you intend for the Windows application to have no icon like this? (pic attached)

(Sending just in case it's a bug and such)


thanks! it's not a bug - I just haven't have time to make / set up an app icon yet :) maybe in a future update!


I'm confused. What is this?


it’s a desktop app that can play bitsy games! :)

oh cool :)