2021, no. 1

AuthorAdam Le Doux
Made withBitsy


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say, what was this made in, it looks like it could be made in pico-8 but i might be wrong

its an engine called Bitsy, it's all online and I highly recommend it for little narrative stories

sorry i just use pico-8 and the style is extremely similar to what pico-8 has


Good Game, 10/10

Pure poetry. Thank you for sharing this. It felt very personal and is one of my favourite Bitsy games I've played. <3

its looks like have history but i donk know english

I never expected a game to be so deep and relatable.

Very good game, very good indeed.

really cute, well-written :)

really liked the game =) ...real depth...some pun intended :D

Really great game and I think a lot of us can relate with the message.

so hopeful, i got emotional moving upward once the hatch opened - lovely game!!

Thank you for the game!

As a person who has worked remotely since the lockdown started, and has witnessed as 2020 went by in all its horrifying glory, I can fully sympathize with you. And your calls for solidarity in the end resonate deeply with me.

And also thank you for Bitsy, this raft you've created for us all to cling upon in hard times and use as an instrument in our struggle!


Great story, like the graphics and the swimming is a great idea ๐Ÿ‘

Good dialog.


A beautiful song of hope <3


What a lovely game!!! Thank you for sharing your experience. I really loved how you used the exit from dialog to push the story forward and have really impactful changes to the scenery.

Lovely! <3

Very nice :)



good skech