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This was beautiful!



thank you!!! <3

IM YELLING!!!!! THIS IS SO GOOD!! HOLY SHIT THE WAY THE EXIT EFFECTS ARE UTILIZED HAS ME YELLING!!!! HOLY MOLY I JUST CANT THIS IS TOO GOOD!!!! i cant believe i missed 3 of ur bitsies, i am playing this immediately right now!!! just i feel so blessed!!!


thanks onion!!!! it's always nice to read your comments <3 I'm glad you enjoyed this one :)


Nice work. Really like the artistry of this game (writing, visuals, and journey).

thanks! <3


The flock of birds really made the visuals for me, but I appreciate the tone of the narrative most! Lovely! 

thank you!! glad you liked it :)


Aw, I found the secret! :) I don't know how I came across Bitsy just a few days ago but I fell in love with it instantly and now I'm currently working on my first game, so thanks for creating such a lovely and inspiring tool!

thank you! :) looking forward to playing your game :D


I love the part with the flock of birds! it's a really great effect

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thanks! it was a fun part to do :) I'm sure I got the idea from someone else, but I can't remember where I saw it first..

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Loved how the rain tiles up top with the dripping trees carried the rain feeling through the whole scene. And that bird fly-away bit, damn. Nice stuff. I'm excited to play with those transitions in my next bitsy game.

P.S. The title is great


glad you enjoyed the game! I had fun making the bird part :)

I'll look forward to seeing what you do with the transitions!


I know it's your tool but you make such great Bitsies!!! The colours in this one are to die for.

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thank you!!


Cute game. I'm not sure I figured out the small secret, but I liked the interactions in the cabin. Nice.

thanks for playing! :)