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I love this game! Last semester I had the first shift on my student radio station, and it's even space themed, so I really related to the descriptions you gave. It brought me back to those mornings, really wonderful!


that's so awesome to hear - I'm glad it connected with you! :D


so deeply fantastic! i can feel how much love this was made with <3

thank you! :)

this is rad


i love this. wish it had some audio tho :) but other than that, perfect!


Honestly, I remembered playing this game today and came back to it. I just wanted to say you did a lovely job making this one; it really has a cozy, calm feel for such a specific scenario, and I just really love it. I can feel the atmosphere coming out of these tiny little pixel people, and your insight into the whole just made my heart swell. this is one of my favorite bitsys out there. c:

<3 thank you!!

it means a lot to know this game stuck with you like that

i hadnt left a comment here before but i really love this game <3 its so good


<3 <3 <3 thanks onion!

This is wonderful! I love this and I love you <3

wow thanks!! I love the aesthetic and warm-ness of your games <3


I like the scene with Mary-Margaret in Wyoming. This whole game uses Bitsy very cleverly!


thanks :)