Bitsy has been updated to 6.3!

Here's all the change logs for v6.x so far:

- all resources are packaged locally to avoid cross-origin errors
-- you can download bitsy games from local copies of bitsy!
- exit tool resets when you delete a room
- invalid exits don't break the editor
- downloaded games pass w3c validation test
- download panel is sized correctly on chrome
- you can drag tool panels past the rightmost tool
- paint explorer updates when you paste new game data in
-- also it selects valid sprites when you change game data
- inventory UI resets when game restarts

- duplicate and delete palettes in the color tool!
- bugfixes:
-- >= and <= work correctly again
-- drawing colors update when you use the color picker
-- animations stay in time with each other when you change them
-- rooms without a defined palette don't break the game
-- deleting all palettes from game data won't break the game

- editor is more mobile-friendly:
-- new portrait mode layout
-- enabled touch controls for room and paint tools
-- font sizes for high dpi displays
- bugs:
-- fixed bug where you can't remove sprites from rooms
-- fixed crashes when there are no rooms
-- fixed html import bug
- improved rendering performance in chrome

- new combined exits & endings tool!
- exits are two-way by default
- change exit direction with one button
- new exit transition animations!
- exit thumbnails are shortcut to rooms
- toggle exits & endings visibility
- move exits & endings in room without tool open
- move exits & endings in two ways:
-- click and drag in the room
-- OR use the "move" button
- updated translations for several languages


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Jun 08, 2019

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