Bitsy v4.6

This is just a small update! Now you can filter drawings by name in the "find drawings" tool.

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Feb 07, 2018


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Hi Adam, this is probably not the best place to comment but I'm not on twitter and I don't see any other way to contact you directly. It looks like today there was an update to Bitsy but there's no announcement in the devlog and now the color picker darkness / lightness slider is not working anymore, don't know if it's just my case. Up until now, when I moved the slider left and right to change the lightness, my tiles/sprites would change in colour/brightness in real time as the slider moved, but not anymore. Any idea if this is happening to others? Thanks in advance!

Hi Laura, thanks for letting me know about this! You can definitely comment here in the itch forums - I try to check here whenever I can. :) There's actually a whole "bug reports" section!

I've added a bug to track this issue on github, and I will try to fix it soon. You can follow this page if you want to see my progress on it:

Hey Adam, thanks for replying! I don't know how I missed that thread, but I'll make sure to post there if I run into any more bugs in the future. Thanks a lot for looking into this!