Bitsy v4.0

Bitsy v4.0 is finally released! There are lot of new features, including:

  • advanced dialog options, like:
    • dialog that changes each time it's said
    • dialog that changes based on items player has
  • special effects for dialog, like:
    • shaky text
    • wavy text
    • rainbow text
  • items & inventory
  • name-able objects, such as: palettes, rooms, and items
  • a new dialog scripting language that powers the advanced dialog options!

Hope you have fun with the new features! 

And if you find a bug in the new version - please let me know over in the bug thread! Thanks :)

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Nov 04, 2017


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Wow. It's getting serious.


The ability to remove/change a tile/sprite based on items you are holding when moving over/talking to them would enable a whole realm of more gameish stuff. Not sure if I want that though... 


this look so cool