Hey folks, it's Bitsy 6.4!

This is an update with just a few small (but important) changes:

- The about panel has been updated

- Importing games from HTML is fixed!

- And Bitsy source code is now under an open source license (MIT)


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Sep 16, 2019


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How can you use those bitsy hacks (character portraits, etc) with 6.4?

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So sad to talk about it, but I'm steel waiting:
1) exit to any level by script (without mods)
2) change player sprite by script (without mods)
3) change/replace/delete any tile at the level by script (without mods)
Is there any chance to get these things without hack versions?


don't be sad, you could just ask for your money back that you paid for the software


You don't pay for it.


that's the joke

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Sure how he says it is a bit presumptuous "Still waiting for" but wanting to see something improve isn't something that is inherently bad and isn't a reason to be as toxic* as you thought he was being.

Oh and it looks like english isn't his first language which might have made it sound worse then he ment it, "so sad to talk about it".

Also there is the last bit of the comment (which might have only been added after the edit) "Is there any chance to get these things without hack versions?" which shows no entitlement.

*Might not the best word, but it works well enough here and isn't as strong as "vile".

Mosi is similar to Bitsy and has lots of those features. Check it out